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Strategic Plan 2021–25

Building on the success of its 2016–20 Strategic Plan, VMFA is now setting its sights higher and, guided by the Strategic Plan for 2021–25, striving to become a more vibrant, inclusive cultural leader. The vision includes a VMFA that empowers all Virginians—through art and creativity—to reflect and connect to each other, their communities, and the wider world. VMFA aspires to earning increased recognition statewide as a public asset and nationally and internationally as a leader in the museum field.

At its core, the 2021–25 Strategic Plan focuses on reflection and progression of artistic and organizational practices. VMFA will expand its heart, its identity, and its reach through collecting, storytelling, research, community connection, physical expansion, partnerships, and an internal culture that embodies our values.

Here are the five strategies outlined in the 2021–25 Strategic Plan:


Center principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and
Accessibility (EDIA) throughout our organizational practices.

  • Senior leadership will create and lead a multiyear EDIA plan that includes the hiring of an Assistant Deputy Director for Equity and Inclusion.
  • Implement ongoing EDIA education and training for all staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Create and support systems for staff engagement and input.
  • Address core issues related to workforce equity and diversity.
  • Embed EDIA thinking in practices across the organization.

Offer a range of curator-led, visitor-centered art experiences that engage, captivate, and delight a diverse mix of participants.

  • Center accessibility and inclusion in the visitor experience.
  • Continue to seek increasingly diverse audiences by engaging key populations.
  • Add to the stories told in VMFA’s permanent collection through an ongoing intentional commitment to dedicating one-third of our acquisition funds to African and African American art.
  • Create a dynamic portfolio of exhibitions that reflects the diversity of our community.
  • Stay on the path to becoming a leading center for art conservation.
  • Expand the facility to further deepen and enhance the visitor experience.
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Bring art and education experiences to every corner of Virginia.

  • Maintain signature education initiatives and align them to on-site visitor engagement practices and key populations.
  • Maintain statewide programming and partnerships, and align them to on-site visitor engagement practices and key populations.
  • Integrate the conservation center into education and statewide offerings.

Grow the museum’s reputation in the field, align its public brand, and promote the museum’s contributions to the Commonwealth by telling VMFA’s story.

  • Become universally recognized among nationally acclaimed museums and continue to grow our international reputation.
  • Fully align our public brand and messaging to our vision and values.
  • Ensure Commonwealth partners are aware of VMFA’s contributions and value.
  • Create a comprehensive, multiyear communications plan.
  • Seek attendance and membership growth.
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Build the organizational, financial, technological, and
learning capacity needed to achieve the Strategic Plan.

  • Align staff capacity, organizational structure, and cross-functional processes.
  • Make VMFA a leader among museums for its use of digital technology.
  • Grow the museum’s ability to leverage visitor research and data to inform decision-making.
  • Assure that VMFA’s Boards and the Foundation have processes and structures in place for Strategic Plan oversight and fiduciary responsibility.
  • Integrate an equity-and-diversity mindset into financial operations.
  • Create a multiyear business plan that identifies priorities and revenue scenarios based on the pandemic’s impact on attendance, campaign, and investments.

VMFA developed these strategies using the guiding principles of Art, Accessibility & Inclusion, Relevance, Joy & Fun, Collaboration, and Impact. We invite you to join the journey as VMFA continues its mission “to enrich the lives of all.”

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