High Def Sign at VMFA

You may have heard that we are planning an electronic sign in front of VMFA. VMFA_Lockup1_MultiCMYK

Richmonders have watched the careful construction of this world-class museum for the past four years, and have witnessed its metamorphosis into the vital and welcoming museum that it is today. The Art and Architecture Review Board, the state authority which has approved all phases of VMFA’s design, indicated that this contemporary sign is in keeping with the architecture of the McGlothlin wing. Constructed of stainless steel and glass, it echoes our new building materials, and will include a high-resolution digital graphics panel. Some neighbors have expressed concern about this plan; others have assured us of their confidence.

VMFA will carefully manage this information source and moderate its intensity so that it serves as a contemporary and attractive medium to indicate the beautiful art inside VMFA. The sign will be perpendicular to the street so that it is visible primarily to motorists. A green solution to ongoing information needs, it will be tastefully and respectfully executed in accordance with our high aesthetic values.

– Suzanne Hall