Tourists voice need for VMFA sign

We received the following unsolicited email recently:

My wife and I recently visited the VMFA and were thoroughly
impressed. What a beautiful campus! Such gorgeous galleries
and collections!

We have visited most of the grandest art museums in the US
and the VMFA is up there with the best of them, including
the Met Museum in our hometown of New York City, LACMA in
Los Angeles and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

About the only fault we found in Richmond was the lack of
signage. We arrived there on a Thursday night after driving
for hours and it was very dark. The museum had no signs, no
lights, no directions… we mistook the Historical Society
for the VMFA, then passed by the museum itself without
noticing it. We could not find parking either… it was
difficult! But once we were inside the campus, the beauty
and richness of the museum was immensely rewarding.

The next morning, sipping on coffee at a local store in
Richmond, I read in a local paper that the VMFA plans on
putting a big sign on North Boulevard and some neighbors
oppose the measure. What a coincidence! Of course, and as
you can imagine, I say, “go for it”! The museum is among the
best in the nation, but it is harder to find than most…
this situation sure does need to change. We welcome that
“big bright sign”.

My best and thank you for a beautiful museum!