Valerie Cassel Oliver (left) and Jan Hatchette (right). Photo by Sandra Sellars ⓒ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Years in the Making: Behind the Scenes with Valerie Cassel Oliver

When the public experiences an exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, they see not only the art on view but also the culmination of years of work by teams of museum professionals who take a curator-led journey from conception to realization. While an exhibition’s star attractions are the works of art on view,…

Delving into Draper

Sandra Sellars is an assistant photographer at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and VMFA’s Louis Draper Archive photographer. Sellars is also an award-winning photojournalist for the Richmond Free Press—a Black–owned and operated newspaper. She will be a featured presenter in VMFA’s free seven-part virtual symposium titled The Kamoinge Workshop: Collaboration, Community, and Photography, which…

Remembering John Lewis

John Lewis in Nashville (Primary Title), Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement (Portfolio Title), 1962–64, printed 2015, Danny Lyon (American, born 1942), gelatin silver print. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment, 2017.404.2. Image © Danny Lyon The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts pays tribute to the life of John Lewis,…

Q&A with Jeffrey Allison, Lead Developer of VMFA on the Road

Jeffrey Allison is VMFA’s manager of Statewide Programs and Exhibitions and the museum’s Paul Mellon Collection educator. He is a professional photographer who holds a BA in photography and film from Virginia Intermont College and an MFA in photography from VCU. His illustrious career in fine arts includes educational and leadership roles at various Richmond-area…

Inside VMFA: Ray Vasquez

Inside VMFA: Ray Vasquez

From behind the scenes, electrician Ray Vasquez shines a light on VMFA’s artwork. “I like my job here because I like to see all the different cultures that come here and all the different exhibits that the museum brings,” he says.

Christina Garduno

Inside VMFA: Christina Garduno

Each day, Christina Garduno sets her focus on providing a positive experience to guests at VMFA. “When you come into work every day, you’re not just coming to work,” she says. “You’re representing the VMFA and you’re representing the state of Virginia.” Garduno was recently promoted from café supervisor to administrative coordinator for the food…

Inside VMFA with Martin Reamy, Associate

Inside VMFA: Martin Reamy, Associate

Meet Martin Reamy who has put his passion for art to work at VMFA for the past six years. “When I started working here, being in the galleries was like a kid in the candy store,” says Reamy, who was recently promoted to assistant manager of gallery associates.

An Artist Passionate About Structures and the Idea of Shelter

Lewis Ginter challenged local and regional artists to complete a structure that was 75 percent natural material. Ehtesham chose dried grass from Lewis Ginter’s grounds and recycled paper from various sources. The completed structure contains 850 bricks of grass and paper. VMFA staff provided Ehtesham with shredded paper to use for the Persian-style dome installation.…