Exploring Art with Infants

Exploring Art with Infants

This resource includes thematic selections of art based on subject matter appealing to infants. Together with your baby, enjoy the works chosen, and anticipate that they will open a path for further exploration of art and creativity.

Grade Level:
Early Childhood
Subject Area:
Fine Arts, Visual Arts
Activity Type:
Engagement Activity

Exploring Art with Infants


Colorful paintings captivate infants’ curiosity as their vision develops and they investigate the world around them. Visit these objects (virtually or in person), and observe how your baby responds and what preferences they display.


From birth, infants desire to look at faces and facelike shapes, preferring happy or content expressions. The selected works of art below have fascinated many children in VMFA’s Early Childhood Education classes. Visit them yourself (virtually or in person) to see which one your baby likes best!


Whether played to relieve distress, inspire dance, spark laughter, or help ease transitions, babies benefit from being exposed to music, singing, and musical instruments. VMFA’s permanent collection includes both actual instruments and paintings depicting musicians and musical objects. Here are a few for you to visit (virtually or in person) with your baby!