Self-Portrait with Sunglasses (Primary Title)

Alex Katz, American, born 1927 (Artist)

oil on canvas
United States
Overall: 96 × 68 in. (243.84 × 172.72 cm)
Not on view

Style and appearance are the things I’m more concerned about than what something means. I’d like to have style take the place of content, or the style be the content. —Alex Katz

Katz was one of the first artists to return to figurative painting following Abstract art’s dominance at midcentury. Katz’s simplification of forms and elimination of detail relates to hard-edged Color-Field painting and to Pop Art’s emulation of commercial graphics—two early 1960s styles that influenced him.

Katz began concentrating on casual portraiture of family and friends in the late 1950s. Self-portraits appear periodically throughout his career. Here he extends his familiar methods of drastic cropping and sharp juxtapositions of scale to create a particularly imposing image. Never one to dwell on inner psychology, Katz further denies access to his interior here with sporty dark glasses, which, along with long sideburns, link the image to its time. The changing quality of light—strong contrasts of sun and shade across the face and reflections in the lenses—further shows Katz’s interest in the specific moment.

Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
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(Marlborough Gallery, New York). Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayer, Chicago. (Pace/Hoffeld Gallery, New York) by 1981; Purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Sydney and Frances Lewis in January of 1981; Gift to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia in December of 1985.
©artist or artist’s estate

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