Celebrate Women’s History Month at VMFA

March is Women’s History Month, and VMFA’s growing collection includes the voices and stories of women artists across time and cultures. Throughout March, and as part of the museum’s ongoing efforts to expand its storytelling 365 days a year, celebrate women artists featured in VMFA’s collections, programs, and exhibitions.

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Explore our growing collection of works by women artists, from across time and place, who individually made their impacts on the artworld and collectively shifted the artistic, social, and political landscapes of their times.

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EXHIBITION | Athena LaTocha

In this installation of monumental works on paper, Athena LaTocha invites viewers to meditate on the landscape as a geographic space, a repository of history, and a personified living entity. Her works often incorporate materials and elements taken from sites referenced in their titles. These sites are layered with history that underpins their vibrant and visceral presence.

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Discover more ways to connect with the art by women artists.

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Gee’s Bend Quilters

Explore the quilts of Gee’s Bend and discover the artistry of this multigenerational quilt-making community of women.

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Esther Mahlangu at VMFA

Ester Mahlangu, Artist in Residence at VMFA in the fall of 2014, works in the traditional Ndebele style of bold, geometric patterns executed on a very large scale.

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Miwako Nishizawa at VMFA

Japanese American artist Miwako Nishizawa discusses Japanese woodblock printing, her inspirations, and her work with various Virginia landscapes presented in her series Twelve Views of Virginia, 2014.

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Kristin Baker at VMFA

American contemporary artist Kristin Baker discusses her work, process, and inspiration. She ends with a brief description of The Prig (2009), which resides in VMFA’s collection.

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Celebrate with a collection of gifts that feature art by women artists from accross time and palce. Explore books, puzzles, totes, and more.

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