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Confederate Monuments Newspaper cropped

VMFA’s past is now present

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary and the national commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, VMFA has installed new outdoor signs on its campus that interpret the history of the Confederate Soldiers’ Home, a residential compound for poor veterans that once stood on the site between 1885 and 1941. Established by R.…

Mummy Secrets of the Tomb

Mummy love, or dress like an Egyptian

In anticipation and celebration of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb (Nov 19, 2011 – March 11, 2012) VMFA is sponsoring a Mummy Love program. Anyone may participate, provided they follow the guidelines below. Mummy Love will begin on October 29 at 10 am and continue through the holiday season. On October 29 at 10 am…


Xu Bing’s 9/11 Commemoration

Where Does the Dust Itself Collect? An installation by Xu Bing In this award-winning installation, Xu Bing explores the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms, between impermanence and eternity. The Bodhi (True Wisdom) is not like the tree; The mirror bright is nowhere shining; As there is nothing from the first, Where does the…

Lee Weaver Faberge lighting

Faberge Revealed with Fiber Optic Lighting

Faberge Revealed is truly a spectacular exhibition of more than 500 objects, and what better way to illuminate these jewels than with fiber optic lighting systems. Fiber optic lighting, unlike fiber optics for telecommunications, transmits light from a light source at one end, through many strands of fiber, and out through focused fixtures which we…

Tristin Lowe: Mocha Dick at VMFA

“When the last piece gets attached, something will click,” Tristin explained to our installation team standing around the whale’s naked substructure. At that point we were still focused on filtration systems in its belly, but Mocha Dick’s massive musculature was already attracting a crowd at the window.Over the course of the week, we’ve tied to…

Chicken Mummification

We’ve all seen a mummy before, whether it was Tjeby at VMFA, or on a late-night horror flick when we were kids. I have always been fascinated by the mummies I’ve seen on display at countless museums across the country and also the mysterious stories in books and films. I never once believed that I…

Free art by a major artist!

Yes, it’s unabashed marketing but this month’s Art in America contains a work of art by Argentinian artist Rirkrit Tiravanija. Read about this in Real Clear Arts. Arts blogs are always fascinating to read. We always welcome suggestions of good ones to follow. –Suzanne Hall