Red-Figure Hydria (Water Jug) (Primary Title)

attributed to, Nausikaa Painter (Artist)

450 BC
Greek (Attic)
Overall: 17 1/2 × 13 in. (44.45 × 33.02 cm)

“Now Medusa alone was mortal; for that reason Perseus was sent to fetch her head.” – Apollodorus, Library, 2.4.2

Medusa was one of three Gorgons, snake-haired monsters who turned all who gazed upon them into stone. The hero Perseus chopped off Medusa’s head with the help of the divinities Athena (shown here with her helmet and shield) and Hermes (holding his caduceus). Perseus kept the head in a magic pouch (held in his left hand) until he gave it to the Athena, who placed it on her aegis (a magically protective garment).

Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
Barriault, Anne B., and Kay M. Davidson. Selections from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond, VA: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 2007. (pp. 98-99, ill. p. 99)
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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