Red-figured Neck-Amphora (Storage Vessel) (Primary Title)

attributed to, H.A. Painter (Artist)

ca. 340 BC
Greek (South Italian, Apulian)
Overall: 28 1/4 × 12 in. (71.76 × 30.48 cm)
The youth holding armor and the building in which he sits are painted in white, suggesting a marble tomb for a fallen warrior. Produced as a grave offering, this vessel has a hole in the bottom, perhaps to render it useless to would-be grave robbers.
Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund
“The Art of South Italy: Vases from Magna Graecia,” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, VA): 12 May-8 August 1982; Philbrook Art Center (Tulsa, OK): 20 November 1982-9 January 1983; The Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, MI): 7 February-10 April 1983.
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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