Small Noh Drum with Crane Design (Translation)
鶴兜蒔絵小鼓胴 室町-桃山时代 (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

16th century
Lacquer and maki-e on wood
Overall: 10 × 3 15/16 in., 1.01 lb. (25.4 × 10 cm, 0.5 kg)
Not on view
This lacquered wooden drum serves as the central component of percussion instruments played in Noh theater performances. When fully assembled, it features red cords tautly tying two horsehide heads to each end of the drum. This example is the smaller of two traditional sizes, made to be placed on the musician’s right shoulder and played with the right hand, accompanying singing and dancing on stage.
Muromachi (1392-1573) or Momoyama period (1573-1615)
Kathleen Boone Samuels Memorial Fund

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