Royal Horse Tag with Two Horses (Translation)
청동이마패 천계사년 천계사년명 (Primary Title)
靑銅貳馬牌 朝鮮時代 天啓四年銘 (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

Gilt bronze
Overall: 4 1/2 × 3 7/8 × 5/8 in. (11.43 × 9.84 × 1.59 cm)
Serving as transportation passes, these bronze plaques were issued by the Korean imperial court to traveling government envoys, officials, and foreign diplomats for their stay at rest stations along their route. Built alternatively every twenty to thirty miles, these stations provided travelers with shelter, food, and horses to ensure a distant journey possible. A plaque with four horses indicates a four-horse request. The inscription on the reverse of each plaque bears the date of Tianqi 4 (1624).
Joseon dynasty (1392-1910)
尚瑞院印 (Seal of Sangseowon Office)
尚瑞院地字號二馬牌天啓四年三月 日(Two-horse pass, Earth category, issued by Sangseowon Office, 3rd month of Tianqi 4 (Injo 2).
Gift of Carol Mattusch in memory of Harriet and Kurt Robert Mattusch

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