White Horse and Grooms (Translation)
牧馬図軸 江戶時代 与謝蕪村 絹本著色 (Primary Title)

Yosa Buson 与謝蕪村, Japanese, 1716 - 1783 (Artist)

Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk
Image: 43⅛ x 19¼ in. (109.5 x 48.9 cm); Overall: 74 x 25 in. (188 x 63.5 cm)
Not on view
This painting by Kyoto-based artist Yosa Buson depicts a Chinese man grooming a horse by a lakeshore, accompanied by a young attendant who is holding a red-handled spear, a regalia of the Ming court. The fine lines for the tail and mane, sharp garment folds, and repetitive dots for the foliage convey the artist’s mastery of the Nanga style, a painting style developed in Japan in the 18th century. In 1763, Buson adapted the primary design of this scroll for a pair of screens, currently in the collection of the Kyoto National Museum. 
Nanga School 南画
Edo period (1615-1868)
謝長庚 Sha Choko
海川內存知己 Kaidai ni chiki sonsureba; 丹青不知老至.
庚辰春寫於平安城隅三菓軒中 (Painted in the spring of 1760 in the Sankaken studio at the corner of Heianjō [Kyoto]).
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment
Buson: His Two Journeys. Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, 2001

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