Andean Kayak: for Pablo Neruda (Primary Title)

Rafael Ferrer, American, born Puerto Rico, born 1933 (Artist)

welded steel
Overall: 14 × 94 1/2 × 12 1/2 in. (35.56 × 240.03 × 31.75 cm)
Other (oar): 56 1/2 in. (143.51 cm)

"My work is not about the people in particular [cultures], but is about a fantasy of what those people have become." —Rafael Ferrer

Ferrer’s art addresses his own Puerto Rican heritage as well as each individual’s search for identity and personal meaning. In the 1970s, for an imaginary primitive culture, Ferrer developed voyage-themed images and artifacts, including maps of unknown terrain and vessels such as this kayak.

Ferrer’s use of galvanized corrugated steel—a common roofingmaterial—connects with his memories of impoverished tropical dwellings. The work is named for the South American mountain range and the Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
"Transformed Reality", Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 18 Feb - 16 May, 1993

"Contemporary Sculpture from the VMFA Collection", Bayly Art Museum, Univ of VA, Charlotseville, VA, 3/21 - 5/24/92

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© Rafael Ferrer

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