Portrait of Thomas Nelson, Jr. (Primary Title)

Mason Chamberlin, English, fl. 1760-1787 (Artist)

18th century
oil on canvas
35 3/4" H x 31 1/4" W, in CW reproduction frame, July 2012 in
29 1/8" H x 24 3/8" W, unframed
36 3/4" H x 32 1/4" W, in VMFA frame (90.81 cm. H x 79.38 cm. W, in CW reproduction frame, July 5110.48 cm.
73.98 cm. H x 61.91 cm. W, unframed
93.35 cm. H x 81.92 cm. W, in VMFA frame)
Not on view
Gift of Dr. John Randolph Page
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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