Red-Figure Kalyx-Krater (Mixing Bowl) (Primary Title)

attributed to, Nikias Painter (Artist)

ca. 400 BC
Greek (Attic)
Overall: 14 3/4 × 16 1/8 in. (37.47 × 40.96 cm)
According to myth, Hephaestos, god of the forge and fire, attempted to rape Athena, a virgin goddess. Afterwards, Athena cleaned herself with wool, which she dropped to the ground; Ge (or Gaia, the earth goddess), then became pregnant and bore Erichthonios. This vase shows Ge handing Erichthonios to Athena while other gods look on. Erichthonios is also the name of an early king of Athens who was later worshipped as a god in a sanctuary on the Acropolis known as the Erichtheum.
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
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November 1980 (Fritz Bürki, Zurich); [1] purchased by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Richmond; accessioned into VMFA collection December 9, 1981. [2]

[1] In the object file, there is an invoice from Bürki, which references this object, dated November 3, 1980.

[2] Information in VMFA Curatorial and Registration records.
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