Pendant Cross (Primary Title)
Neck Cross (Alternate Title)

Unknown (Artist)

late 18th–early 20th century
silver, copper alloy
Overall: 2 11/32 × 1 9/16 × 1/32 in. (5.95 × 3.97 × 0.08 cm)
As a sign of faith and for personal protection, believers often wear a cross suspended from a cord, called a matäb, which is received at baptism. The tradition dates from the 15th century, when Emperor Zär’a Ya’eqob decreed that all Christians should wear crosses. These handsome works illustrate the diversity of design and craftsmanship characteristic of numerous local traditions.
From the Robert and Nancy Nooter Collection, Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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