Bowl with Bats, Waves, and Rocks (Translation)
景德鎮窯斗彩壽山福海馬蹄碗 清雍正 (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

early 18th century
Jingdezhen ware; porcelain with blue underglaze and enamel overglaze
Overall: 3 1/4 × 7 in. (8.26 × 17.78 cm)
Doucai is one of the techniques developed in the Jingdezhen kilns during the Ming and Qing dynasties. In this technique, the design is first outlined in cobalt blue on the clay body, which is then fired at a high temperature. Next the outlined spaces are filled with red enamel, and the body is fired again at a low temperature. An excellent example of doucai ceramics, this deep bowl has a unique composition and contrast of colors.
Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period (1723–1735)
大清雍正年製 (Made in the Yongzheng reign of the Great Qing dynasty)
Special Oriental Art Purchase Fund
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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