The Finding of the Laocoön (Primary Title)
An Interior of an Imaginary Palace with the Group of the Laocoön (Former Title)

Hubert Robert, French, 1733 - 1808 (Artist)

oil on canvas
Unframed: 47 × 64 in. (119.38 × 162.56 cm)
Framed: 55 × 72 in. (139.7 × 182.88 cm)
The ancient sculpture known as the Laocoön (now in the Vatican Museums) is one of the most famous antiquities in existence. It was unearthed in 1506 in a vineyard planted over the ruins of Emperor Nero’s Golden House in Rome. Hubert Robert, however, has placed the event in an imaginary vaulted ruin based on the architecture in Raphael’s painting of the School of Athens in the state rooms of the Vatican. Robert created this elaborate allegory on art and collecting for the Comte de Vaudreuil, a great collector whose portrait by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun is also in VMFA’s collection. The tall bearded onlooker in the lower right foreground represents Michelangelo, who was reportedly present at the discovery and able to immediately identify it as the famed lost statue, which had previously only been known from written descriptions.
Signed and dated on column base, lower right: "H. Robert 1773"
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
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Collection of the Comte de Vaudreuil. [1] Baron Maurice de Rothchild [1881-1957], Château Prégny, Switzerland. (Rosenberg and Stiebel, New York) by 1962; Purchased by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Richmond, Virginia in November of 1962. [2]

[1] Possibly Joseph Hyacinthe François de Paule de Rigaud, Comte de Vaudreuil [1740-1817], a French nobleman at the court of King Louis XVI of France. He was a connoisseur and collector of art. Possibly sold in Paris on November 26, 1787; unconfirmed. See object card in VMFA Registration files.

[2] Accessioned November 30, 1962. See VMFA Curatorial file.

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