ca. 1800
Decorative Arts
silver and wood
United States,Virginia, Alexandria; Washington, D. C., Georget
Overall: 9 × 12 1/2 × 4 in. (22.86 × 31.75 × 10.16 cm)
When the nation’s capital moved to Washington, the Virginia-born Burnett followed. Setting up shop in nearby Georgetown, he quickly numbered among its most celebrated silversmiths. This classical teapot represents the elegant domestic wares sold by Burnett to his elite clients. He also fashioned objects for official use. An 1822 account records payments for “silver work” ($391) and “earrings” ($31) commissioned by the Office of Indian Trade. Moreover, in 1815, Burnett crafted the box — called a “skippet”— that protected the Great Seal of the United States on its conveyance to England. The seal was attached to the Treaty of Ghent that ended the War of 1812. It is preserved in London’s Hall of Records.
Gift of G. Alexander and Mary G. Robertson, The G. Alexander Robertson and Mary G. Robertson Collection
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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