Adam and Eve (Expulsion from the Garden) (Primary Title)

Roger Brown, American, 1941 - 1997 (Artist)

oil on canvas
Overall: 48 × 72 × 2 5/8 in. (121.92 × 182.88 × 6.67 cm)

“I began to synthesize a simple, direct technique with my interest in [Giorgio] de Chirico, comic book styles and the use of personal imagery from my own experience.” —Roger Brown

Brown was a leading member of the Chicago Imagists and, like others in this group, he employed vernacular subjects and a cartoonlike style that made his paintings and sculptures quickly and widely readable. Brown’s visual language included silhouetted forms that he combined with repetition and variation to make highly stylized images.

Adam and Eve (Expulsion from the Garden) presents a Biblical story that Brown chose for its wide familiarity. His selection of subject also reflects his childhood in a fundamentalist Baptist community, where he regularly heard cautionary tales about sinful ways. Other depictions of human tragedy occur throughout Brown’s work, demonstrating his interest in the dramatic and the spectacular.

Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
Falling in Love Again, Phillip Morris Gallery, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, July 1 - September 25, 1994

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(Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York) by 1982; Purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Sydney and Francis Lewis, Virginia, in 1982; [1] Gift to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Richmond, Virginia in December of 1985.

[1] Purchased from Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, March 3, 1982
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