Incense Box (Translation)
織部香合 竹翠紹智 (休々斎) 明治時代 箱書 (Primary Title)

Yabunouchi Chikusui Kyukyusai, (1840-1917) (Artist)

19th century
Stoneware with green and brown enamels over white glaze
Overall: 2 × 1 15/16 in. (5.08 × 4.92 cm)
Yabunouchi-ryu 藪内流
Mino ware, Oribe type
Meiji period (1868-1912)
Artist's seal: 大袂
Artist's inscription on wooden box: 十代竹翠紹智 瓢庵 Yabunouchi Chikusui X, Hisagoan
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment

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