Lacquer, wood, silver leaf, replacement fabric
Overall: 28 3/8 × 106 5/16 × 29 9/16 in. (72.07 × 270.03 × 75.09 cm)
This unusual chaise longue, inspired by Polynesian and Micronesian dugout canoes, known in Frances as pirogues, is lacquered and silvered. Very similar to one that Gray designed in 1919-20 for Madame Mathieu Lévy, a successful Parisian fashion designer known as Suzanne Talbot, it is among the most celebrated examples of furniture in the Art Deco style. The chaise was purchased in Paris in 1930 from Gray's gallery called Jean Desert by Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Henri-Labourdette.
Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
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©artist or artist’s estate

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