oil on canvas
Overall: 104 × 93 in. (264.16 × 236.22 cm)

“The sublime? A paramount consideration in my studies and work from my earliest student days.”—Clyfford Still

While 19th-century landscape painters expressed the sublime’s boundlessness through awe-inspiring depictions of nature, Still invokes it through purely abstract means. Jagged vertical shapes, expanses of color, and richly textures surfaces that seem to stretch beyond the canvas make his paintings dramatic.

To avoid any association with specific subject matter, he titled his works by the year and sequence in which he made them. Although Still maintained a steadfast detachment from the New York art world, he is often linked to the Abstract Expressionists—especially Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman—with whom he shared a belief in the expressive, even visionary, power of abstract forms.

Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
Dr. Edgar Berman Collection, Towson, Maryland. (Marlborough Galleries, New York). (Babette G. Cohen Fine Arts, New York) by 1978; Purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Sydney and Frances Lewis, Virginia in August of 1978; Gift to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Richmond, Virginia in December of 1985.
©artist or artist’s estate

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