The Four Seasons, section of floor mosaic from the House of the Drinking Contest (Primary Title)
Section of a Floor Mosaic depicting the Four Seasons (Alternate Title)

Unknown (Artist)

250–300 AD
stone and glass tesserae
Overall: 70 3/8 × 204 in. (178.753 × 518.161 cm)
Other (summer): 70 × 47 1/2 in. (177.8 × 120.65 cm)
Other (autumn): 70 × 42 in. (177.8 × 106.68 cm)
Other (winter): 70 × 52 1/2 in. (177.8 × 133.35 cm)
Other (spring): 70 × 62 in. (177.8 × 157.48 cm)
This mosaic was once a part of a hallway floor in a house near Antioch, in Roman, Syria. The figures of winged boys represent the seasons: Spring (with a basket of flowers), Summer (with a sheaf of wheat), Autumn (with a basket for fruit), and Winter (cloaked, with a tray of fruit).
Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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