Standing Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) (Translation)
銅鎏金觀音菩薩立像 北宋 (Primary Title)
sculpture (Object Name)

Unknown (Artist)

11th century
Gilded copper alloy with traces of pigment
Overall: 18 × 6 1/2 × 4 3/4 in. (45.72 × 16.51 × 12.07 cm)
This rare, remarkable figure is one of the largest and best preserved of its type. The five seated Buddhas on its crown and the lotus bottle in its hand identify this standing figure as Guanyin, bodhisattva of compassion. The notable iconography includes the scene of the death of Buddha (nirvana) on the medallion and the Buddhist triad flanked by two dragons on the lavishly decorated long necklace. The luxurious style of this figure suggests that it was commissioned by the court or an imperial patron. The iron chaplet at the back may indicate that this hollow statue was once used as a reliquary.
Northern Song dynasty (960-1127)
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
2018: Collecting for the Commonwealth Preserving for the Nation, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1919-2018, Winter Antiques Show, Park Avenue Armory, New York City, NY, January 18 - 26, 2018.
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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