Oil on canvas
Framed: 86 5/8 × 50 3/4 × 1 1/4 in. (220.03 × 128.91 × 3.18 cm)
Unframed: 86 1/8 × 50 1/4 × 3/4 in. (218.76 × 127.64 × 1.91 cm)

“New York seemed to me at the time like a giant carousel in continuous motion—on many levels—lines approaching swiftly and curving back again, forming an intricate ballet of reflections and sounds.” —Hedda Sterne

Sterne grew up in the midst of the Romanian avant-garde artists of the 1920s. She traveled to Paris frequently in the 1930s, immersing herself in Surrealism, before relocating to New York in 1941. There she quickly became active in the circle of exiled European artists as well as the younger generation of American artists who later became Abstract Expressionists. In the early 1950s Sterne began painting with the newly invented aerosol spray, discovering that the speed and ease of moving her arm as she worked, paired with the diffuse, blurred edge of the spray lines, effectively translated the sensation of the pulsating city environments she depicted.

John Barton Payne Fund
February 5- 26, 1979, "Contemporary Works from Virginia Museum", Peninsula Arts Association, Newport News

March 1963 - Loan to Mary Baldwin College

January - July, 1962 - Loan to exhibition at Birmingham Museum of Art

January - March, 1960, Loan to Washington & Lee University

June 18 - August 31, 1958 "New Accessions, USA", Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

March 28-April 27, 1958 "American Painting 1958" VMFA

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