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Summer 2024 Classes & Programs

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Tue, Apr 9 | 8 am
Studio School and Adult Art History Classes

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Early Childhood Classes & Camps (age 5 and under), Kids Studio Classes (ages 5–12), and Teen Summer Classes (ages 13–17)

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Teens working on a project together.Ages 13–17
Week-long (five-day) classes
Jun 24–Aug 16, 2024
Mornings, 9 am–noon or
Afternoons, 1–4 pm
$150 (VMFA members $130)
Registration Opens in April
More details coming soon!

Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, film, or fashion, these studio classes teach you new skills and enhance your talents, help you develop personal vision, and strengthen your portfolio for college. Professional artists and instructors use a wide range of concepts and media to expand your knowledge of art, art history, culture, and perspective while building new relationships with peers and mentors within the arts community. Classes offer individual instruction to accommodate students of all levels of experience.

Download Program Guidelines & Forms

Note: Upon registration, VMFA will send a confirmation to the email address you used in your registration. Please review this information carefully as it provides further details about the program and the student emergency form, which should be submitted on the first day of class. It is important that both teens and their parents or guardians understand all policies and procedures pertaining to this program, including check-in/check-out, lunch options, Code of Conduct, studio attire, and VMFA’s cancellation policy.

Class Schedule

[T21] Drawing: Urban Art & Architecture

Mon–Fri, Jul 29–Aug 2, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Studio A

Ages 13–17 | Embark on an artistic journey through architecture illustration. Practice daily sketching on the museum grounds and learn to capture depth, details, and a sense of place using a variety of tools including watercolor and ink.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T22] Fiber: Art in Nature

Mon–Fri, Jul 29–Aug 2, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Studio B

Ages 13–17 | Discover the magic of natural dyes with textiles. Drawing inspiration from the ingenuity, aesthetics, and creativity of cultures that utilized pigments and fibers, make your own art with materials from nature. Enjoy silk painting, fabric dying, and much more!

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T23] Fashion: Digital Illustration

Mon–Fri, Jul 29–Aug 2, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Computer Lab

Ages 13–17 | Get to know the basic functions of Adobe Illustrator to create digital illustrations for fashion. Enjoy the process, from planning a mood board combining inspirational ideas, silhouettes, colors, and texture to designing an original fashion illustration. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring a flash drive.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T24] Pottery: Wheel Throwing

Mon–Fri, Jul 29–Aug 2, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Pottery Studio

Ages 13–17 | Wheel throwing is a challenging yet rewarding experience that teaches not only artistry but also discipline and self-awareness. Learn to center clay, make basic forms, and paint pots with colorful slips and underglazes. Final pieces will be clear-glazed and fired by staff, and then available for pickup in the Pauley Center near the check-in table.

*Pottery Pickup: Wed–Fri | Aug 14–16

8:30 am–5 pm

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T25] Digital: Photography Today

Mon–Fri, Aug 5 - 9, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Computer Lab

Ages 13–17 | Interpret artistic concepts, improve photography techniques, and learn today’s options for shooting images, from digital cameras to cell phones. Use a variety of editing tools and apps for enhancing images and designs. DSLR cameras are available for use, but students are welcome to bring their own cameras or smartphones; flash drives are also recommended.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T26] Fashion: Illustration

Mon–Fri, Aug 5 - 9, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Studio B

Ages 13–17 | Benefit from using tools of the trade, from professional quality ink markers to archival pens, and learn how to illustrate stylish clothing, textures, and accessories.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T27] Drawing: Botanicals & Beyond

Mon–Fri, Aug 5 - 9, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Studio A

Ages 13–17 | Discover the history and technical qualities of botanical illustration, bridging science and art. Focus on plant anatomy, artisanship, and traditional techniques through various nature-themed arts, including the art of papermaking.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T28] Fashion: Sewing Made Simple

Mon–Fri, Aug 5 - 9, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Studio B

Ages 13–17 | Interested in learning how to sew or simply wish to improve your skill? Join us in the studio to learn all about sewing essentials—how to use a sewing machine, make simple seams, add buttons, and more—to fabricate fun little projects and accessories.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T29] Drawing: Museum Muse

Mon–Fri, Aug 12 - 16, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Studio A

Ages 13–17 | From still lifes to landscapes, enjoy spending the week sketching in the studio, outside in the Sculpture Garden, and in the galleries, studying new art concepts and drawing techniques each day.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T30] Printmaking: 101

Mon–Fri, Aug 12 - 16, 9 am–noon| Pauley Center Studio B

Ages 13–17 | Explore the wonderful world of printmaking! Learn techniques for relief printing, screen printing, lithography, and more with an emphasis on color, pattern, and illustration to make eye-catching compositions!

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T31] Digital: Graphic Design

Mon–Fri, Aug 12 - 16, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Computer Lab

Ages 13–17 | Discover the world of graphic design and digital arts. Learn the basics of professional design tools and software to create a variety of projects including digital illustrations, graphics, and collages. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring a flash drive.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[T32] Painting: Oil on Canvas

Mon–Fri, Aug 12 - 16, 1–4 pm| Pauley Center Studio A

Ages 13–17 | Explore classical through contemporary oil paintings in the galleries to discover both traditional techniques and alternative applications to integrate into your own work on canvas.

$150 (VMFA members $130)