Red-figure Nolan Amphora (Storage Vessel) (Primary Title)

attributed to, Berlin Painter, Greek, active 5th century BC (Artist)

ca. 480 BC
Greek (Attic)
Overall: 11 1/2 × 6 3/4 in. (29.21 × 17.15 cm)
The Berlin Painter, a master of perhaps the greatest era of Greek vase painting (the late Archaic and early Classical periods), specialized in the human figure, usually shown on a ground line against a plain background. On this vase, the kithara identifies the male figure as Apollo, who pours a libation (offering) onto an altar. Libations were offered before meals, symposia, and other public and private gatherings. The goddess Artemis, Apollo’s sister, appears on the other side bearing her bow and quiver on her back.
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
“Look Here: FEAST,” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, VA): 16 March-25 June 2006.

“A Golden Legacy: Fifty Years of the Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund,” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, VA): 2 April-18 August 2002.
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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