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Egg: gold, silver-gilt, diamonds, rubies, enamel, watercolor on ivory, rock crystal, Statue: gold, sapphire
Overall (egg): 4 3/4 h. × 3 1/8 diam. in. (12.1 × 7.9 cm)
Overall (miniature): 1 7/8 × 2 3/4 in. (4.8 × 7 cm)
Overall (stand): 3 1/16 × 2 3/4 in. (7.8 × 7 cm)
Group "Four Miniatures from Imperial Peter the Great Easter Egg" (47.20.371.1-4)
The Imperial Peter the Great Easter Egg was presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, in 1903. It commemorates the 200th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg by Tsar Peter the Great. The top of the egg bears the Cyrillic initials of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna. When it is opened, a replica of Étienne-Maurice Falconet’s famous statue of Tsar Peter the Great rises out of the egg.
Miniatures: “Peter the Great” miniature signed in Russian, right side: З. Зуавь for the court miniaturist Vasilii Zuiev (1870-after 1931); “Czar Nicholas II” miniature signed in Russian, left side: З. Зуавь for the court miniaturist Vasilii Zuiev (1870-after 1931)
Stamped K. Fabergé, initials of workmaster Mikhail Perkhin, assay mark of St. Petersburg 1899–1908, assay master Iakov Liapunov, 56 and 72 zolotnik; See: "signed" box in this TMS entry for the signatures of Zuiev on two painted miniatures
Inscribed on exterior: "The Emperor Nicholas II, born in 1868, came to the Throne in 1894; The Emporer Peter the Great, born in 1672, founded St. Petersburg in 1703; The first little house of Emperor Peter the Great in 1703; and The Winter Palace of His Imperial Majesty in 1903" Inscribed on sapphire: "To Peter the First from Catherine the Second, 1782--Petro Primo Catherina Secunda MDCCLXXXII" Miniature statue: inscribed Petro Primo / Catharina Secunda / MDCCLXXXII, written in Cyrillic on the other side.
Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt
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