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Zero. A Sixty-Five Pounder Opening Fire, 1920, James McBey

Art of the First World War Remembered at VMFA

VMFA is among the first art museums in the United States to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I with its exhibition THE GREAT WAR: Printmakers of World War I (on view now through November 11, 2014). Comprising more than 28 works on paper by European and American artists, THE GREAT WAR considers the role of […]

Jamel Shabazz

Continue the Conversation: VMFA and African American Art and Heritage

As visitors enjoy the final days of VMFA’s powerful companion shows, Posing Beauty in African American Culture and Identity Shifts, they will find a panel in the galleries inviting them to “Continue the Conversation” by visiting two additional exhibitions. Those smaller unticketed shows, States of Change in Africa and Signs of Protest: Photographs from the […]

Question Bridge: Black Males at VMFA

Conversation. Uncensored. Question Bridge: Black Males at VMFA

When I first saw Question Bridge Black Males, I was shocked by the raw and unapologetic nature of the film. There are no special effects, no music, no over-the-top dramatic storytelling — it’s just real. The viewer is forced to confront the multifaceted realities of being a black male without any sugarcoating.  Rarely are there […]

House At Dusk - Edward Hopper

Happy Birthday Edward Hopper!

If you are not familiar with Edward Hopper, you ought to take a few minutes to look at his work, even if that means not reading the rest of this post. The beauty in his work is eerie and solitary, but nonetheless striking. What pushes the elegance of his paintings is the strong presence of […]

Robert Pruitt

Artists Sonya Clark and Robert Pruitt Open up the Meaning of Identity

How do we use our bodies to tell our story? On Thursday, July 17, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Dr. Sarah Eckhardt, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art moderates a powerful discussion between artists Sonya Clark and Robert Pruitt, whose work is currently featured in Identity Shifts, about the shifting ideas of culture, history, and […]

Pickin' by Lauren Kelly

Posing Beauty in African American Culture: Teens on Beauty

Reprinted from the KaKY (Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth) blog with permission from Marcy Williams, MBA The exploration of beauty in the African American culture has been explored for centuries. From the earliest days of slavery to the most recent neo-soul era, the topic of what is considered beauty in the African American culture has […]


VMFA Intern Helps Prepare Félix Bracquemond’s Work for Exhibition

Reprinted from the WUDPAC (Winterthur) Class of 2016 blog with permission from Lauren Gottschlich. The summer work projects are in full swing. This summer I am at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond, VA.  The museum sports a wonderful encyclopedic collection as well as a picturesque Sculpture Garden.  The art covers cultures and […]


Fireworks: Art or Science?

As your eyes are riveted to the dark canvas above you this weekend, do you find those bursts and trails of color and light to be art? They can’t be placed under glass or displayed in a gallery or garden. They can’t even be enjoyed beyond the moment they occur. For those reasons (and probably […]

Trip Advisor

VMFA is a #1 TripAdvisor® Attraction

Out of 97 Richmond attractions, VMFA is ranked number one on TripAdvisor. Not only is the museum itself high on the list, but Amuse Restaurant ranks number three out of 1,296 Richmond restaurants. We are proud to be number one certainly for the recognition but also for what it says about the visitor experience. Rankings on […]