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A second, a pearl (1), 2013, Multiple plate color intaglio, edition 6

Printmaker and Educator Kris Iden: VMFA Fellowship Took Her Career to New Levels

The second in a series of stories about the impact of the VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship program. These stories are in celebration of the 75th anniversary of this valuable program. Please watch this blog for future stories. Most Fellowship recipients feel the impact of their Fellowships for years, perhaps even throughout their careers. However, few…

Yellow Roses in a Vase, 1882, Gustave Caillebotte (French, 1848–1894), oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of Janet Kendall Forsythe, 2010.13.McD

Gustave Caillebotte: Influenced by Manet and Monet

This overblown bouquet of roses by Gustave Caillebotte features a cascade of petals, each one deftly built with just a few brushstrokes of thickly applied paint, scattered across a marble surface. Caillebotte’s choice of a marble tabletop, set against a scumbled, or thinly painted, black ground, may be an homage to Édouard Manet’s final series…

Mellon_French_Use first_seurat-in-mellon_detail

Art-Worthy Frames

We recently made improvements to the Mellon French Galleries. While I have received much positive feedback from visitors about the changes, I get the same question again and again: “What’s with that white frame?” Glad you asked. Although the simple white frame on Georges Seurat’s Landscape with Houses (which VMFA recently received from the Life…


A Bird’s Eye View of Félix Bracquemond

In 1874, French printmaker Félix Bracquemond (1833-1914) submitted more works than any other artist to the inaugural impressionist exhibition. The work Bracquemond displayed—at his friend Edgar Degas’s invitation—included portraits of his artistic contemporaries, naturalistic landscapes, reproductive etchings of historical European paintings, and emblematic images of birds accompanied by poems (such as Margot the Critique, or The…

Maggie Ingram

Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes Help Kick Off Black History Month Performances at VMFA

VMFA is showcasing African American artists in honor of Black History Month. “The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to representing African American artists throughout the entire year,” Director Alex Nyerges says. “We are honored to join in the nation’s celebration of African American history and the cultural arts.” VMFA is not only celebrating…