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The Spoils of Marriage, 2014
Pam Sutherland (American, born 1966),
Mixed Media on Paper
Collection of the Artist

Fellowship Recipients’ Exhibitions Go Statewide

Since 2009, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has displayed the work of Visual Arts Fellowship recipients on the museum’s campus, as well as at Richmond International Airport. In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the VMFA Fellowship program this year, VMFA is expanding the exposure of this artwork across the Commonwealth with the opening…

Restoration of the Great Stupa at Svayambhunatha, Nepalese, 1565, opaque watercolor on cotton. Robert A. and Ruth W. Fisher Fund.

A Hopeful Picture for Nepal

VMFA is fortunate to have in its holdings many treasures from Nepal. As the people of that mountainous country continue the long process of recovery and rebuilding, perhaps one painting in particular, currently on view in the South Asian Art Galleries, provides a picture of hope. The focus of this painting is the Great Stupa…

Dislocation of a More Complete Pattern, 2014, Fiona Ross (American, born 1965), acrylic on Yupo
Courtesy of Page Bond Gallery

Fiona Ross’s Fellowship Dollars Paid for More than Materials Alone

Painter Fiona Ross spent the Fellowship money she was awarded in 2005 on a variety of things to further her work, including travel, materials, and improvements to her studio. But the most valuable use of those dollars was buying time to focus on her art. “Short term, I was able to teach one less class…

Photo by Travis Fullerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 2015

Esther Mahlangu’s Magic Wand

In 2014, VMFA commissioned South African artist Esther Mahlangu to create two large-scale paintings for the museum’s collection. The most renowned artist among South Africa’s Ndebele people, Mahlangu has developed the art of mural painting from a tradition of designs painted on the exterior of rural homes to projects created in a global, contemporary art…


Free Speakers Bureau Presentations Introduce VMFA to the Community

Did you know that viewing the VMFA permanent collection is free? Do you have any idea of the next exhibition that’s coming to the museum? Did you know VMFA is open 365 days a year? No? Then perhaps you should have the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Speakers Bureau present at your social or civic…

Team Members Only, 24 x 48 inches

Fellowship Gave Painter Josephine Haden Public Exposure and Recognition for Her Work

Winning a VMFA Fellowship in 2008 was a significant achievement for painter Josephine Haden, but also being one of the first winners to have her work on view at VMFA as part of the debut of the Fellowship Exhibitions Program gave that honor even greater impact. “The Pauley Center exhibition brought me considerable professional attention, which…

The Marguerite

Shaken Not Brushed . . .

Espolon Blanc, St. Germain, apricot, orange blossom water, lime, hibiscus, apple wood-smoked sugar rim. Just reading these ingredients suggests beauty and creativity and artistry just brushstrokes away from hanging on a museum wall. However, to see Tyler Harvey, bartender extraordinaire at Amuse, actually mixing the Marguerite (the moniker they’ve given this masterpiece), pouring and splashing, swirling and shaking, you’re…